Time ran out

February 7, 2010
I’m driving down the road doing 90, maybe more.
I’m looking at my watch and its 10 to 4.
My heart’s beating rapidly, practically out of my chest.
I passed 10 more cars. How did I get into this mess?
It was supposed to be a normal drive. I swear.
This isn’t fair.
I was stupid and tried to escape my fate,
But I was far too late.
Fate had caught up with me
And I didn’t notice the turn or the tree.
Collided head-on with a white oak and was pinned in the car.
The firefighters got me out with an ax and a crowbar.
I passed out and awoke in a hospital room, unfeeling of any pain,
And any movements that I attempted proved to be in vain.
I see my sister crying at the foot of the hospital bed.
What’s going to happen to her if fate makes me dead?
I should’ve known better but I was dumb and naïve.
Look’s like now I’ll have to leave.
Sorry, little sister, for this sadness that I brought.
Cry, little sister, it was all my fault.
I didn’t get a chance to tell you what this is all about.
But now I guess I can’t because my time ran out.
Bye, little sister.

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