Free Falling

February 7, 2010
He pushed me out a jet.
I screamed at first, what you expect?
I was gonna draq him with me,id hit thu ground first i bet.
So i opened my arms.
& i closed my eyes.
Was asleep this is my alarm.
He was truely different from other guys.
My hair is in my face.
My heart is in my throat.
Impact,or time now itsa a race.
I Love him but i don't.
Wind is in my ears.
In my eyes sit tears.
I listen as my destinys callinq.
Iont even try to grab anythinq...cuz im free fallinq.
Hes a qood boy.
Music and Words are his toy.
Hes qot deep eyes.
Hes qot even deeper Feelings.
But i told him lies.
Now he questions his feelings.
We took this flight toqether.
We said we'd qo even if there's bad weather.
Things qot hot & I stuck to him like Skin on leather.
He shook me loose.
Now im reachinq for my paracute.
Its not there so im like shoot!
So i fall.
Theres nothinq else to do.
I was qonna kiss him..
Got riqht up to his face.
Then he pushed me away.
Its been a long day.
Im goinq down,damn its a long way.
My body aqainst qravity.
Thu time doesnt matter to me.
Rushinq toward thu ground.
Im not gonna scream,itd be too loud.
Thouqht i had a ice box.It turned out to be round.
I broke his heart.I hope he had insurance.
Im not gonna live thru this,iont have thu endurance.
I look towards his plane thinkinq to myself.
Well at least he qets to save him.
If i could id erase it.
Damn I ------
Then i hit thu Pavement.

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