I Remember..

February 7, 2010
By belle GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
belle GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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I remember the night we met
I remember the look in your eyes
I remember how the first kiss caught me by surprise

I remember how being in your arms felt
I remember my knees getting weak and feeling like i was about to melt
i rememeber the way you taste
gawh that was great

I remember how you made my heart race
and feeling the blood rush to my face

I remember wishing you were mine
even for the smallest amount of time

I remember all the times you left and I'd wished you'd stayed
I remember all the silly games you've played

I remember you driving me in your car
i remember the distance never being that far

I remember you making my worst days the best
I remember getting jealous when you wanted dest

I remember praying for you after you wrecked
and swearing the next time i saw that girl she'd get decked
I remember the first time i saw you this year
and shaking with a feeling of fear

I remember glances of you out of the corner of my eye
I remember every good bye

I remember when you first showed me Mat Kearney
knowing you has been the best journey

I remember the things people usually forget
ask me anything, I bet I'll remember it

Obviously I remember enough
it's really not that tough
but when all is said and done
and you're gone

Will you remember me?

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