Friend Duels

February 7, 2010
By xXxMandyxXx GOLD, Turner, Michigan
xXxMandyxXx GOLD, Turner, Michigan
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Smiles and laughs,
Taunts and cries.
One day your friends,
And the next day's lies.

Hating and fighting,
Stomping and yelling.
Heads are spinning,
And minds are dwelling.

Hearts are breaking,
Friends only fight.
Words are hurting,
While a quarrel ignites.

Tears are forming,
While sorrys are giving.
Hugs are comforting,
And everything's worth living.

This is what friends do,
We fight and become cruel.
But this is what friendship is,
A hilarious epic duel

The author's comments:
Me and a friend were having a funny fight lol.

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