My War Poem

February 6, 2010
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I am a boy
I am a boy.
Today I played baseball with some kids.
Today the kid nextdoor played baseball with us.
I satyed for dinner with one of them.
He satyed for dinner.
Two years have passed now.
Two yers have flashed by.
The kid next doot is my best friend.
We are best friends.
Today I was drafted.
My best friend was drafted.
I'm scared
I'm scared.
Of death.
He might die.
Of loss,
What if I lose him.
I need my best friend.
I wont have my best friend.
Tomorrow I leave for boot camp.
He is gone.
Weeks have passed.
Its been a while.
I have some buddies now.
I asked a girl out today, and wrote to my best friend.
I got a letter from my best friend, he finally asked her.
We went on a date.
Tomorrow they fly me to war.
I think I like her.
I'm covered in mud.
we went to the lake, our feet were covered in mud.
I wrote to my best friend.
I wrote to my best friend.
I killed a man.
I kissed her.
My heart froze.
my heart flew.
war death blood blood blood.
I feel alive love love love
Am I a man?
Am I a man?
I hate this.
I love her.
My best friend is happy.
My best friend is depressed.
That all that matters.
Thats all I can think of.
This morning the sky turned red.
something is off.
I went outside to get some air.
I felt it all night.
I cant breath now.
I dont know why.
There is blood on my shirt.
I took a deep breath.
My buddy next to me fell, dead.
I slept all day.
My eyes are open.
I close my eyes.
I have no breath.
I breath deep.
I am not ok.
I am ok.
This is death.
theres a man at my door.
War killed me.
War killed my best friend.

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