When Life Gives You Lemons

February 6, 2010
By ThomasLongfellow BRONZE, Piedmont, South Carolina
ThomasLongfellow BRONZE, Piedmont, South Carolina
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From the seed to the ground,
from the ground came a tree, onthe tree theres a bud,
from which came me.

From the tree on the farm,
to the truck at the house,
I'm placed in a bag,
I feel as a mouse.

I feel as a mouse,
for I'm trapped as a rat,
there is no room in the little old bag.

Taken to the market,
feeling so sickly,
so many bags,
why would they pick me?

Finally I'm bout,
something i thought was great,
"No take me back!",
it's a little to late.

The bad is opened,
a light shining through,
I think to myself,
"Surely I am throgh."

Taken from the bag,
laid on the board,
blinded by the reflection,
from the small silver sword.

When life give you lemons,
make lemonade,
Yeah, thats what they'll do with me,
throw away my skin when they are through with me.

Cut in half,
cut twice more,
looking around,
"I'm still on the board?"

Placed on a glass,
"Whats happening to me?"

When life gives you lemons,
make some sweet tea.

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