I Meant to Tell you.

February 6, 2010
I meant to tell you, before i forget.

I remember when you were in sixth grade. I remember when we first met. I remember the exact way you looked. I remember when we dressed up and took videos, "Elmo's WORLDD!"

I love you, Josie Ann! I remember we walked through the woods when i was over at your house and you and i needed to pee. We've never fought and we've laughed so hard.

We cannot be separated! You said, "Don't hate me." You didn't realize that i wont and can't hate you.

When I cried you let me tell you what was wrong. I don't know what I'd do without you, Miss Josie Ann.

The first time you sat with me the first day of school. You are my bestfriend. You are my unbiological sister.

You are so beautiful inside and out. You are amazingly awesome. One day we'll grow up. But you and I will never grow apart.

You said you wont hate me... You smile constantly, your laugh makes me laugh. We are bestfriends until the end of forever.

It was a while ago... But i remember when you were in ninth grade, and all the things we did together. I meant to tell you that.

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