February 5, 2010
By shofiebot GOLD, Thornhill, Other
shofiebot GOLD, Thornhill, Other
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hi. i'm you. i live for you. i know you. i am you. i know what it's
like. i know how it feels when your heart pumps out a techno beat
against your ribs. i know how it feels when you look out the window and
no one's there. i know what it's like when you sing in the shower with
soap in your eyes, down your throat. when you run so long, so hard, but
you don't know what you're running from. when your hatred turns around.
when you know what you're doing is wrong but you do it anyway. when
your one last chance turns into twenty. when you forgive the broken
hearted, and when you scream so much you can't speak. when you sit on
your roof and look up at the sky. i know how it feels like when you
can't cry. guilt. everything. i've been there. i'm you. but i'm also
me. and i'm so shamelessly in love with you. your life is a story. i
love it. i want it. you're perfect. perfectly broken.
i know the feeling of
thoughts running nonstop in your brain keeping you awake long after everyone else falls asleep.
i wrote this for you. because i love you. you could be so much
more.before. he died. i didn't know him. he wasn't mine to love. but
you are. i love you. i'm sorry. this is a story. i wrote it all for
you. i'd do it again. i'll never stop. sometimes hearts break. that's
everything. when the sun beats down on your head and you're dizzy from
heat, but you love it. when it's dry and hot and the sun is setting.
when everything's twisted. it's wrong. but right. emotions swirl. i
wish i could take it all back. no i don't. i forgive you. everything's
fine. it's perfect. like you. beautiful. amazing. i can't understand
it. i envy you. i am you. i want to be you. explain it to me. call me
at three in the morning. i'm you, i won't mind. keep me awake with your
stories and lies. whisper it in my ear. i'm you, i know how it is. tell
me i'm beautiful. when you've woken up sweating and screaming and
trembling from the worst nightmare you've ever had. you think it's
real. it's not. it's fake. you're fake. i'm fake. i'm pretending to be
you. but i'm guessing. it's wonderful. three days. i can't handle it.
it bothers me. it bothers you. there's so much i could say. i'm just a
metaphor. you don't understand. i could tell you the greatest stories.
i could lie and say i'm alright. but i'm you, and you know what it is.
sometimes these things happen. i can't explain it. there's no word for
this emotion. i'll say it. when you lick salty tears off your face and you don't even know why they're there.


you taste of long-ago summers.

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shofiebot GOLD said...
on Feb. 16 2010 at 7:02 pm
shofiebot GOLD, Thornhill, Other
10 articles 0 photos 8 comments
ughhh the layout is all ruined because i decided to put a picture. oh well.


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