Love's Disaster

February 5, 2010
It was cold and lit by moonlight. It was barren and damp. No color, no sound except the ocean. Nothing but sand and soil cover the floors. Naked dead trees stand stripped and astray as if abandoned by their mothers. Dark silhoettes of these moster looking posts cast an eerie shadow over the floor. Only an unsteady beat of wind and water from the sea are heard. It was cold and empty; lit by moonlight. It was barren and damp. Nothing was there anymore. Everything lost in the fire. How will I ever learn to love again? This scene, luminated by a single spot of moonlight. A solo for me to sing. I stand under this moonlight, and instead, I cry. under these dreary skies does my shady shadow fade. I am no more living and breathing than the dead. My heart has stopped. My breathing skips multiple breaths. Until, I look around. I can't see anything. Nothing except the dark clouds above me, the wicked posts, the glistening waters that sparkle with desire. They want me. They haunt me. Dear waters, just wash me away. I have no more use. My tears will make your water even more bitter with salt. It is cold an barren. Let me freeze in your arms. Please wind, brush your scratchy sand against my skin. There is no pain greater than this. Then, under no more moonlight, in the still silence and emptineess do i lie at your feet. I blow away with the wind and into the waters. My body forgotten by you and possessed by grief. Thank God, I died. The spotlight fades and follows me deep beneath the ocean. I lie there, forever.

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M!ssM3llyB0o:) said...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 4:32 pm
Your very talented :) I LOVE this!
jmsweevils replied...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 4:28 pm
Thank you very much. I recently joined Teen Ink. I'm quite flattered. I need to read some of other ppl's stuff now!!!! Very flattered!
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