Sweetheart in the Night

February 3, 2010
By Twerd4Life BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
Twerd4Life BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
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Mohannah U Wiggley was her name
An angel from heaven above
I always swore she would rise to fame
no matter what, all she had was love

My sweetheart in the night
The best friend in the world
Always running in sun's light
On my bed she always curled

As I came home from school
She never failed to meet me
On a move she slept by the pool
Never housed a single flea

Mohannah will be the subject of Meg's art
no matter what, she lives in my heart

The author's comments:
Mohannah (pronounced Mo-ha-na) was my English bulldog, whom I had for 7 over 7 years, from age 7 to age 14. She suffered a fatal heart attack the week before my class started a poetry unit. This is my Shakesperian Sonnet written about her. "Meg" is my aunt, who is going to paint Mohannah when she was a year old.

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