An Anthem for the Heartbroken

February 3, 2010
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I started out high on a cloud.
My worries and fears fell to the ground.
I feel happy and secure,
this euphoric feeling no one can obscure.

But night is coming
And we know clouds disappear.
Now I am worrying,
Can my cloud hold me up here?

The sun is fading away
And the moon is rising fast.
I can hear words my friends' say,
"Happiness doesn't always last."

My cloud is getting lighter
And I'm reaching out for help.
The groud is getting closer
And I fall with a yelp.

The ground I hit is hard
And everything has shattered.
All my bones are broken
And my heart is badly battered.

I put myself together,
Yet still incomplete.
My cloud has gone with the weather
So I sit lonely on a seat.

My head is hanging low.
My heart is still broken.
My feelings are starting to show
And all he can give me is a token.

Tears start to swell
As he gives me the piece of my heart.
I thought I knew him so well...
Does he even care that I'm falling apart?

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