February 3, 2010
Where did IT go
IT can't be found
I just want to know
If it's somewhere around
I've looked high and low
But there's nothing in sight
IT probably won't show
Even if I try with all my might
What went wrong
For this too occur
IT was so strong
Now ITs just a blur
Before everything was fine
But then things got deranged
Cuz I couldn't see the sign
When everything changed
IT left me so fast
Why did IT have to go away
I wanted IT to last
I wished that IT would stay
I can't seem to figure this out
I keep getting nothing at all
Even when I scream and shout
Why don't I get an answer to my call
As the days go by
I start to think
So who am I
And where's this missing link
You can't seem to see
That when ITs back
I'll finally be free
And get again what i lack
What is IT you ask
The answer i won't confess
It's not a hard task
For you will have to guess

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