a girl

February 2, 2010
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what is this, why do i see a girl strongly similar to me, but she cant be me.
For her beauty and grace should decive me.
She has a graceful balance, even on death trapping heals.
the balance even stayed with the ballet spin, which she preformed with out thought.
Watching the black flowing dress twirling and fanning along with her body.
the blue eyes were like a lovely oasis.
Only the whisper in my ear of a voice so similar would break the trance i was so deep in.
the words still echoing in my head, each word like a sentence of its own.
You are that beautiful she.
Finally in the curious mindset the realization of voice's owner set in.
It was he.
I thought quickly, and planned fast.
But before I could put it to action I was stopped.
Thats when I realized it was all planned.
My so called friends are way too sly.
I turn and try to think of alternatives.
But with you speaking nonsense and words spewing out of your mouth like dance, and beautiful made my emotions rampage.
THough some more clearly felt then others.
Anger, embarrassment, and even worse love.
The anger for friends that are too sneaky.
Embarrassment for my appearence.
The love for the guy who wont let me go, and read my emotions like they were an open book.
This fueled his egoand he dragged the floor of which i hate.
Going straight past my friends who were now in hysterics
The night was tourture although it was great

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