Lil' Al

February 2, 2010
This is the story of little Al Riley.
He was always happy, laughing and smiley.
But Al has been hindered by something I say.
It’s always around, it’s never away.
For a while Al was a sad little boy,
But now he embraces this syndrome with joy.
He realized this isn’t as good as it gets.
He can do anything, even with Tourettes.

He was born in Milwaukee. At 12:21
The doctor said, “Parents, you now have a son.”
The baby was smiling with joy in his eyes,
Causing everyone including the doctor to cry.
He was a happy infant, no doubt about that.
His eyes were glowing. His belly was fat.
Soon, things changed. I’m sorry to say.
He was eight years old. What a dreadful day.

“Stop that,” they said, as he opened his mouth.
“Do it again, and you get a time out.”
“I can’t help it,” he said “It’s hard to, you see.”
So his parents finally dealt with his plea
He went to the doctor, and took some tests.
It was then confirmed that he had Tourettes.
Though he was gloomy for a couple of years,
His frown reverted back to his cheers.

He’s happy again, no more dismay.
But people still judge him in an unfair way.
To them he just smiles and keeps on walking,
Leaving them snickering, smirking, and talking.
‘Cause he knows one day all will be well,
When he makes it big, ‘cause they gave him hell.
And he now knows that if he does his best,
He can do anything, even with Tourettes.

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