Meant to be

February 1, 2010
Are we meant to be??

I fell for you as soon as I heard your voice

Saw your beautiful blue eyes

Spotted your sexy long hair

Saw your braceface smile

With your embrace I felt loved

With your kiss I felt so happy to be alive

I love you

There isn't a single day that goes by i'm not craving you somehow

How could I ever erase you from my mind???


Kayla, I'm crazy about you

If I'm with you i'm forever happy

If I'm not i'll surely perish

Now I won't lie

I love Rocky Caster

Shes funny and occasionately makes me smile

she won't be wearing the beautiful white gown

standing a few feet besides me

she won't be the mother of my child

she won't be the one to fix my mac & cheese when i'm 70

you say victoria is your clone but in mexican form

I agree

but shes no you

shes not on my mind 24/7

she just a kind girl

but your a sweetheart

kayla, kayla, kayla you have me up at almost 7 in the morning

you have me pacing in my room

back and forth

you can never rid me

I'll always be the sad puppy dog trailing after you

wagging my tail and never cease to tire

you complete me like no one has ever done before

another puzzle piece comes in place

I stop dead in your presence

look in your blue eyes

and see my whole future

the future that has Hayden and Kayla written all over it

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