Feelings that float

February 1, 2010
By vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
vaderglazener SILVER, Spring, Texas
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I miss you

I miss the laughter we shared everyday

the way you would make me feel

maybe you were right

maybe i don't deserve you

maybe i deserve to rot in hell

I hurt so much everyday

everyday i tell myself its ok

but its not

nothing is ok

I'm not ok

I'm a wreck

shedding tears almost everyday

isn't normal

I just can't believe that everything was taken from me

my world crashed

my heart broke

tears run down my face

memories float through my brain

of the good ole days

I can't let go

just like i couldnt let you go when were at on the patio

my grandpa is right

all i do is cry

i cry cause i hurt so much

i want the hurt to go away

i want the tears to stop

i want my heart to heal

i can't even cry now

i wanna cry my heart out

release all this pain and saddness

these memories that i want gone

half of me is missing

i lost it in a fire

I'm alive with just half of me

i think of death

how awesome it would be to die

how i could wander the world

do whatever

be with my dead love ones

i want to

cause i have nothing

I am nothing

I lost my best friend

I lost her, period

thats the end of the story

she won't come back

the dreams that i had before were real

they were reality

I couldn't face what was happening

until her text

this pain is unbarable

How do men take this?


cause i can't take this

i put it in the back of my head

but everyday it comes back up

a memory, a picture, or her words

haunt me

like a ghost from christmas past

The author's comments:
just how i've been feeling after the break up with my ex girlfriend

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