My Fear is....

February 1, 2010
My fear is so great,
the fear of losing a friend,
The fear of opening the gates,
the gates to another place,
The fear of losing someone important in life,
such as a family member or a really close friend,
as we get older we face our fears and we gain some fears,
my fears of losing someone have been faced,
because i lost them,
i lost them because i was nieve,
i thought we would get over it and become friends again,
well i thought wrong,
but in the end it dosent matter,
because the fear will always be there,
even if you face that fear it lives on with you,
inside you try to let it out,
but it wont go away,
you now think of it as a never ending fear,
that will last forever,
maybe it will,
and maybe it wont.

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