Freedom is the Uninhibited Soul

February 1, 2010
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Freedom is the uninhibited soul
The song and dance,the sand filled hole
Waves crash quietly over there
A distant rhythm, a faraway care
For there is the light,do you see?
A beam, a spirit, calling me
Just beyond the sheltered cove I know
Through the entrance I'm compelled to go
I craft my own path as I begin to curve
And print my pattern into the earth
I am bound to the ground, yet I swear I fly
For I need not look up to see the clarity of the sky
An aerial breeze cleanses the air
A rising ruffle sent through my hair
The source above is a godly height
I can't help but pirouette in my own spotlight
And towards the passage again I steer
Through the shadow, my Eden is clear
I linger to feel warmth on my face
And continuously walk at this tranquil pace

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