January 31, 2010
He closes the door.
The exterior of the McDonalds is no longer white; dirt is attracted to the stucco walls.

He looks up.
The sky is covered in clouds, no blue to be seen. Geese fly overhead and their ugly calls prove that they are not supposed to be here. They never migrated. All that is unwanted ends up here.

He pushes his shopping cart through the snow.
They say humans govern everything but themselves, and when this abiotic invasive species arrives it receives equal treatment. It is quickly cleared from parking lots and placed into big piles. Everyday getting darker and darker. Now it looks like coal.

He enters the crosswalk.
The gas station’s front window displays cigarette ads, pornographic magazines, hookah, and a cardboard cutout of a busty blonde holding a beer, whose brand no longer exists. Pleasure. What everyone wants. The gas station’s stucco walls are also covered in dirt.

She drives.
The town is submerged in grayness. It is all the same.

She does not look ahead.
Caught up in nothing. Caught up in everything.

She assumes the light is green.

He dies.
Here, all that is pure fades away. No matter how white, it always turns black, just like the snow.

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