Another Sappy Love Poem for the Anti-romantic I Love

January 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I had wanted something different
More than just an unlit flame
I wanted something better than that
We couldn't remain the same.

I decided to ask you out
Taking more courage than you can know
I had been so scared, so panicked to the core
But I wouldn't let you go.

You returned to me a handwritten note
The answer I sought within its words
My heart was beating so fast
I'm surprised you hadn't heard.

And an amazing three months later
I can't regret that day
No matter if we will crumble
No matter if we will stray

You fill me with hope and love
And thousands of butterflies
You hold me tight and say "I love you"
Even when I wish to run and hide

I love the way you laugh
And your goofy softball tan line
I adore the way you hug me
And I love to call you mine.

I hate that we have no time
To be just us together
But that could never change my feelings
I want you to be mine forever.

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