January 30, 2010
Just to get somewhere else,
they just can't tell,
can't even break through my shell.
Even before I fell
they knew it was Hell.

Oh, only they could show me
what it's supposed to be.
Why is it so easy?
Oh, this trap should feel more creepy.
If I've been missin',
they've been kissin'
While they've left us all to waste away,
Oh, they've never seen the light of day.

Am I easy to read?
Can you see it in my eyes?
Do you see through all these horrible lies?
Do I need repeat myself?
Is it easy?

They're gone,
lost forever in the depths of no one's mind.
There has to be someone
better than this.
If you can't stand the kiss
go blow out the fire.

They've lost themselves in the abyss, the heat and the bliss of something made up to begin with.
Why are they the ones depended on?
The leaders and role models of my world.

Did they know it was all just a con?
But could they be confusing me?
Could they really be?

Are they really the ones given hope
when all they do is mope?
That's a scary thought.
None of us should've gone and fought.

We wish it could all change.
Oh, can you spare some change?
"Sorry, I don't want to."
Can't they be better,
Oh, honey they can change the weather.

Nothing seems relavent anymore.
Sorry there's only exceptions for a whore.
Dumb you down if your smart,
beat you if your not.
That's as complex as it gets.
Oh, only that simple.

Nothing else fits,
when your down in the dirt, how much more can it hurt?
Do you really know what I'm talking about?
He thinks he does.
Are you about to shout?
Ager? Confusion? Depression?
It will relieve some stress,
I promise you that -
But it's no proven fact.
Why is it so cold?
Everything's about to unfold.
There goes the clay mold.
Oh, the truth can't be untold.

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