Spartan vs. Ninja (poem)

January 30, 2010
S- Cold as stone
Hard as steel
blade in hand
never yield
N- Black as night
unseen by you
in broad daylight
but i see you
S- I know your there
come out and fight!
such a coward
without the night
N- I fear you night
so vain and proud
built high up
I'll knock you down!
S- You think your slick
you think your sneeky
i hear you though
quit being cheeky!
N- you dumb brute
I've got your back
invisible to you
i make my attack!
S- Block your sword
with my shield
you run, i chase
across the field
N- so you stopped me
that was luck
with my kusarigama
you better duck!
S- your stupid toy
on a chain
blocked by my shield
and you run again
N- so you see me
in my disguise
with my black eggs
I'll blind your eyes
S- I still hear you
breathing heavy
i know your scared
because I'm so deadly
N- your words are proud
but matter not
I'll kill you here
right on the spot
S- My spear is ready
to pierce your chest
i thrust it at you
and strike our breast
N- My black eggs worked
You are blind!
i may be injured
but I'm still alive
S- not for long
I'll hunt you down!
kill you dead
you won't be found
N- with my shuriken
thrown hard and straight
I'll pierce your heart
and your breastplate
S- A tiny scratch
upon my arm
it won't matter
once your life is gone
N- I've had enough
now your dead!
I go to jump...
and land on my head
S- I've got you now!
your on the ground
I step on you
your mine now!
N- I kick and squirm
but cannot pretend
i fought hard
but this is my end
S- your fight was good
but mine was best
with my sword
i pierce your chest
N- i feel the blood
i feel the pain
but worst of all
i feel the shame

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