the savior of friendship

January 29, 2010
By FictionGirl293 BRONZE, Maud, Texas
FictionGirl293 BRONZE, Maud, Texas
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A crystal tear falls down my face, my heart beats fast as it starts to break, the world I knew starts crumbling down, a swiftly death without a sound, but then I hear your lovely voice, a familiar sound that brings a choice, to live or die I come to stand, to follow God or take your hand, but then I see the reason why, that God brought your friendship into my life, he took his hand and showed to me, what my path was meant to be, to take your hand my hearts best friend, to walk the road and live again, for as long as you are by my side, the light of love stays in my eyes, so as I stand with you now, my heart mends back whole and sound, for in this world your all I need, my dearest friend and part of me, so when I die I’ll wait for you, because a friendship like ours will never be through.

The author's comments:
I was sitting on my couch and just got inspired all of the sudden to write a poem. I just let it flow and got the results of my creativity.

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