Only You

January 29, 2010
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The world exists for your enjoyment!
All perks, rewards, and good employment
are here only for you!

Every joy and every pleasure,
to be yours-and without measure!
You have only to take.

Who cares if you have all to give,
Just live as you would like to live-
It's your choice now to make.

Just take, complain, and take some more!
There is plenty left in store.
Don't fret about a thing.

Don't listen, care, or even try,
Ignore all those who dare to cry,

Who dare to dream, who dare to choose,
Give all they have to win or lose,

And mock all those who give their best,
Who study for that science test,
Who have the nerve to care.

And idolize the "perfect" girls,
with perfect hair in perfect curls,
as if each were a goddess.
Ignore the fact that all she wears
is pricy and immodest.

Don't forget to tease the geek
who wore the same shirt all last week
because he didn't have another.

Then blast your music, blast that noise,
that makes girls our to be but toys,
that takes away their innocence,
their feelings, logic, common sense.
It's fun and it okay.

That's all that matters here, you see,
There is no "us", there's only "Me"!

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