The Chamber

January 29, 2010
By Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
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It’s so dark, silent, quiet, and weird.

“It could be worse,” the soldier sneered.

Not a sound was heard and the lights went out.

No one made a noise, not a single shout.

Then it became hard to breathe.

With each heavy breath came a heavier heave.

The air is so thick in here.

What is that smell…it’s so queer.

People begin coughing and wheezing.

The air is so warm yet my body is freezing.

My head is starting to hurt and my lungs are shrinking.

It’s so try..and keep..thinking.

Vomit passes my lips and so does blood.

And from out nowhere I hear a thud.

There goes one more and again another.

I grab onto an arm and hope that it’s mother.

The arm falls down and slips to the floor.

What’s going on, I can’t breathe anymore.

My body drops and hits the concrete.

I can’t feel anything from my head to my feet.

I close my eyes and go to sleep.

And into death does my soul creep.

The author's comments:
This one was for the jewish concentration camp victims from WWII.

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