Cruel Intentions

January 28, 2010
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Just as the light leaves the sky
A man briskly walks by

He moves with such vigor
That I for a moment wish he could stay for a while and linger.
But as usual I close my store
Knowing sales couln't be worse

For a moment anger hits me
Stupid customers and their whiskey
Can't they stop for a minute and take some of my specialties?
Or eat some of my cookies and cakes,
They don't harm or kill anyone who dares take a taste.

I decide to take everything and throw it away!
But as I go and take my blender
Happy memories invade my gaze
With these instruments I cooked for my mother before she passed away
They were her favorites, I can't throw them away!

So I put them back where they belong,
Just as the bell in the door rings and my sister comes along.

She is beautiful and elegant
The kind of woman my mother wished me to be.
I see she was brought company along with her, oh me.

My sister and I have different mothers, but the same bloody father
Who left her in my care instead of leaving her to another
Family member who knows her more
I don't know her as well as I should, but still I try to mend her when she's sore.

I go to the front of the store and flip the sign from open to close
"I'm off" I say, and leave her and her company alone.
Rain threatens the sky as I go to my place,
My hut is just at the back patio, such a lovely little space.
As I go in I shut off the world, now not even the major of the town can come and shut my snores.

Meanwhile inside the store the sister giggles,
She is trying to get the gentleman to mingle.
She's brought alcohol along with her companion
But mind you is not for her, but for her blind stallion
Who only sees what's outside of the shell, and not what's within
With this girl you have to be careful
Theres a reason her father left her.

Here and there you hear whispers of her entanglements
But they are just whispers because no one has proof of her naughtyness
Men dissapear after having a taste,
Some say they leave town, some say they go to waste.
She however holds the truth,
And she's made a plan that could only have been inspired by a muse.

Now in the present she gives her companion a drink
He takes it willingly and drinks it all,
oh men are but beasts.
Her companion doses off to dreamland
With happyness and affection on his face
She can' let this go to waste.

Her plan has begun yet again, she only hopes her sister won't wake
The storm will help cover up the sound
Who knew weather could be such a pal?
She goes into the kitchen and grabs a knife.
Then silently makes her way to her dearest in the night.
Carefully she gets on top of him,
But lavishly starts cutting up his chest.

As the pain gets his attention
He starts screaming and tries to knock her out,
Sucessful she is, and he is not.
And then he dies with the sight of his heart in her beautiful mouth.

As she starts devouring the heart she hears a gasp
Her sister must have heard something and came back
Oh god she doesn't want to silence her, but she will if she must
After all survival of the fittest is in her blood.

Her sister walks tiny steps and looks at the blood in the wall with bewilderment
She suspected for some time that under the beauty a dark side must lie,
And she confirmed this as she looked at the companion's ligaments.
"Why?" She asks as she makes her move to the knife
"Because love is not everlasting and someone must pay the price."

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