Something More

January 28, 2010
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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Its like these fingers were made to intertwine
Like they transcend the restriction of time
Like they gather energy, then release
Filling my heart with love and peace
Is this the feeling that I adore?
Or is it something sweeter? Something more?

Its like these lips were made to press
Like it does not suffice to simply caress
Like every phrase of words so fond
Strengthens us, this link, our bond.
Is this the feeling I adore?
Or is it something sweeter? Something more?

Can this feeling in words be found?
Or is it an emotion too profound?
Is this unknown “something more”,
Some nameless phrase named before?
A cause and effect, like fire to ashes,
A term we created, that is also matchless?

Rippling light is what its called
With a definition unrecalled
Could it match these feelings felt?
Rippling light causes these hearts to melt?

The “Something more”, this rippling light,
Going off into a tangent from above,
Like a halo around a moonlit night
Might be our capacity to love
Our song now has a definition
Our feelings now have a name
Whether or not it’s an accurate description
My heart’s confusion stays the same…

As you turn your head, eyes of bronze
It is you that I adore,
You take me to a place beyond
I will never care for something more.

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