Friends With Benefits

January 27, 2010
Friends with benefits
Nothing more
But her feelings are too deep
The tears begin to pour
She tries to stop
But fails
She tries to explain
But her words will not prevail
She hates herself
The love that she holds
Is stronger than any love
He will ever unfold
She hates him
Because he feels nothing
She hates how she wants him
She wants him to feel something
The vision that he gave her
The one about forever
Is gone now and will not be back
Now that he will never
Never love her like she wants
She'll never be the one
Hopefully he'll realize
She wants him, not just anyone
Together now
Just for fun
Hopefully this doesn't come undone
It's all she has
It's what she needs
On his false love
Is what she feeds
Together now
Forever, not yet
Maybe someday
If he doesn't forget
Her love is strong
Stronger than before
But for now
Friends with benefits
Nothing more

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HotFudgeBrowni said...
Jun. 11, 2013 at 9:40 pm
I had a similar experience. Honestly, it's best to go your seperate ways. You're only degrading yourself... I'm so sorry. Everyone deserves to be loved; no one deserves to be used. Please, value yourself! <3
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