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January 26, 2010
By TuTTii3B_ BRONZE, East Chicago, Indiana
TuTTii3B_ BRONZE, East Chicago, Indiana
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imagine her heart
I wonder why you look so ragged with your wet and

dirty threads
I wonder why every time I see you, you mumble and beg.
Could it be cause you feel so low?
Could it be that we just don’t know?
The story in which you got where you are
The story which took you so far
Should I treat you like a dog to match your tart and sweaty smell?
Should I just walk away, only the story I will never tell?
I see that she is hungry, she is sad, she is mocked, she is alone
I see that this person has no place to call home
Only the dirt in the streets is where she may lay her head
“Only god can judge me” is what she always said
Repeating the phrase of a good man of the past
Repeating a heart ache that will always last

The author's comments:
this piece revers to a homles women by the name of Tracey

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