Mr. Blvd. Man

January 26, 2010
By helica_2011 BRONZE, East Chicago, Indiana
helica_2011 BRONZE, East Chicago, Indiana
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Since 2001 I have lived here
Seeing you near
On the corner of 148th
Inside McDonald’s or maybe in Toni’s Pizza where you wait
You wait and ask day and night for some change
Change for food or change for a plate
You say you used to work for the Steeel Mill
So that tells me that you’re not doing this against your will
All of us struggle, some more some less
Mr. Blvd. Man you know you can get yourself out of this mess
I give you a quarter or two here and there
But Mr. Blvd. Man East Chicago will no longer support you or will anyone anywhere
The same brown coat you had las year steady keeps you warm
But Mr. Blvd. Man you know it’s worn
Time to collect those quarters
To get off of those corners
Because Mr. Blvd. Man this can’t go any further
Everyday I see you I shake my head… Man this is out of order

The author's comments:
This is a poem about a man that I see evertime Ileave my house. I see him on my street which is Indianapolis Blvd. I have lived there since 2001 and since then I have seen the Blvd. Man.

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