Silly Heart

January 25, 2010
By , union city, NJ
I fall to easily, these clumsy feet of mine
Always looking for the prince charming kind
My heart always looking for another home
Like a puppy after a lost bone
My mind always tryna look out for me
But my innocent heart looking for someother place to be
My poor little heart still belives in charming coming to her rescue
I try to reming her "he doesn't love you"
She doesn't listen, and closes her eyes
Dreaming on how he says shes his grand prize
Against her will i locked her up
If not she would be the death of us
Lonley she stays, i tell her its for the best
But she insist i'm just a pest.
Evrynight she tries to persuade me to let her go
She says let her have charming as her beau
I can't , i forsee the heartbreak
The fool of her charming will make
She doesn't care, she's blinded with hope that he'll change
Secretly i want her to be right, its all so strange
After much struggle, my heart has defeated body and mind
In the end we all agree to have charming we must all be blind!

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