Deeper Than Me

January 24, 2010
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sadness consumes me
happiness then expires
my heart is now as worthless as curdled milk, too sour to drink and too grotesec to face.
my insides weep as my soul stands by to watch my body in a daze
not moving at all, just being comendeered by this emotionally disturbed entity
nothing i can do, get out of me i pleaed.
now more determined to overtake my metality, it strikes again
more harsh, more affective
i am now jane doe
my alter ego
the new and not so improved me
abusive thoughts to me and of others arise
drowning in anger and grief, no reasoning behind such strong feelings
here i am, in flesh, in soul. you cannot consume me evil one, i say to myself.
this entity has written my gravestone and yet, i'm still here.

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