A Twisted Melody

January 24, 2010
I was too young to remember the lyrics you sang to me,
But soon you were too distant from us all that you were unable to remember your own song.
You called your loved ones by foreign names;
You embedded an everlasting pain in us
that we all will never forget

You were being stripped of your life by the ugly disease of the forgotten
Your personality began to come and go as it pleased
The forgotten was teasing us,
why couldn’t it just let you go?
But you had already left fourteen years before you were actually gone

I could still look in your eyes,
but you no longer had an opinion
The forgotten stole your legs from you;
he stole your voice too
I would like to say I knew you,
and that you could say the same,
But I know that would only add to the pain I already endure,
considering you would never again be able to remember anything

We miss you so much, and wish that we could rearrange the past
I hate that unforgiving forgotten,
and the life it was able to choose for you
One thing I’m sure of is that you didn’t go down without a fight
You held on to the forgotten until you showed mercy and let him out,
To roam,
Free into the world for him to soon find his next unwilling victim.

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