Sacrificial John

January 23, 2010
By funsiclepartypants BRONZE, East Lansing, Michigan
funsiclepartypants BRONZE, East Lansing, Michigan
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Now gather round me all ye men
And listen to my tale
But down all of your decks of cards
Drink up your rum and ale

For this is the lost story of
A sunken ship of old
It was a gorgeous pirate ship
Twas called the rusted gold

The captain of this mighty ship
Was evil as could be
His name was Sacrificial John
For many killed did he

He sailed across the ocean black
For thirty eight long years
He never had a single friend
Nor had he any fears

He pillaged and he plundered all
The towns throughout the coast
And if he ever was pursued
He vanished like a ghost

The ship herself was beautiful
Twas shiny, sleek and black
She sliced right through the turgid seas
And never once looked back

And if she ever took a ship
Or looted out a town
Old Johnny screamed “Kill all the men
And let the children drown”

He never killed a single lass
For he had lost his own
And ever since that fateful day
Had always slept alone

She died of drowning in the sea
And that day old John swore
The he would sail his wife’s blue death
And never love no more

He used to be a better man
Before his wife did pass
He was a very happy man
And went each day to mass

His single love inspired him
To live a life called good
So if you ever needed help
You always knew he would

And then one day while on a ship
His wife was feeling ill
So he took her and laid her down
As all good husbands will

Alas this was to be the day
The end of his dear wife
As slowly she slipped neath the waves
From her body left life

Her bed was too near by the edge
And when the boat did tilt
She slipped right out the window there
And all the time was wilt

Poor John did cry as real men can
And lost his job in life
He almost ended everything
To be with his lost wife

But he could not end it because
He wanted more to feel
The kind of pain that he had felt,
He wanted them to reel

And then one day he went to sea
And never did turn back
The sad and stolid salty man
Had sold his soul to heck

He gathered up a motley crew
Of all of England’s damned
The only thing twas left to steal
A ship to leave the land

So in the middle of the night
And when the moon was full
They slowly rowed up to the ship
And scrambled up the hull

They stabbed the ship guards in the back
And cut right through the ropes
But John had one trick up his sleeves
To dash the navy’s hopes

He doused each ship in kerosene
And opened up the hatches
He then sailed up to every ship
And dropped but two lit matches

He sailed off to the pitch black night
And as he went to bed
He found a single stowaway
And shot him in the head

For more than fifteen years he sailed
And never lost a man
But all of that did change one night
Around a large island

The royal navy sent four ships
To get rid of old John
But that old sailor was prepared
And stood with suit coat on

The first ship sailed around the rock
And cannons pierced the night
So such was the beginning
Of the greatest e’er known fight

The battle raged for many days
Around the jutting rock
And everyone aboard the ship
Was too busy to talk

But captain john, he had a plan
To make sure he survived
He steered his ship into a fjord
And at the end did hide

But Britain’s best were far too smart
To enter such a trap
And so they waited at the end
For that ship to come back

But in the middle of the night
As all were sound asleep
A single word rang through the night
A sound so low and deep

Cannons ripped into the night
And wood fell to the sea
But darkness was to inky black
And no captain could see

The naval ships let loose their shots
At dark shapes in the night
And when their fellow comrades saw
They joined into the fight

But when the morning sun did rise
All naval ships were sunk
The sailors of the Rusted Gold
Slept soundly in their bunks

While high above the rolling sea
After his deed was done
Old John let out a hearty laugh
And rested on his gun

He dragged his cannon to the ship
And woke up all his men
“Batten down the hatches lads
Let’s sail out of this pen!”

They sailed out of the valley deep
And right into the group
Of the forsaken sailors who
Survived the salty soup

The sailors of the Rusted Gold
They used these few good men
To practice their artillery
Like chickens in a pen

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This article has 1 comment.

BrianE said...
on Feb. 8 2010 at 3:14 pm
awesome. i could never write something like that. it actually was a cool poem for once


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