A Man Condemned.

January 23, 2010
By ashenstarzxx BRONZE, Or My City, New Jersey
ashenstarzxx BRONZE, Or My City, New Jersey
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We attack on all we hold dear.

He will walk as any man would if he
Were condemned. each foot races the other
Till they hide from all eyes. Wonder
Boy wonder will forever wonder what
Will be come of him. He let it all go,
Let his fences break under her spell. She
Cast it so beautifully. As pretty
As a picture he could not help but be
Radiant. She was time, and ripped a hole
Into his happy dreams. Time kills all love

He will speak as a man with no voice. Let
His feelings flow through his closed mouth. As a
Shut vent in the summer. Let the cool breeze
Come, it is stopped by a bigger power.
She sewed him shut and he had no voice this
Time. Closed lips cause a closed man. Even if
He could shout, she closed their ears, no one cares
To hear. He cannot hear. Love kills all sound.

He will shut his eyes as any man would
As to not see what she has done to him.
His struck back eyes will not run across his
Boney fingers. His tuneless guitar, he
Will play blindly for fear that if his eyes
Opened they would cry. Not just tears, but his
Very soul. Though he plays his soul, only
Too deaf to hear and too blind to see the
Magic in the eyes of those around. He
Cannot make his own music, he copies.
Blindly scans pages with his finger tips.
And traces them along those thin strips of
String on musical notes. Sound kills all sight.

He will be numb as a broken man should.
Let his invalid emotions stir in
Him as his sadness causes his touch to
Fail. He can no longer guess his guitar.
Panic will stir but subside because he
Is broken, and all broken cups leak. He
Leaks love and joy and pain and sorrow. Now
Nothing compares to this cracked dam. He seems
To try to fix himself but only leaks
Even more. The betrayal has caused him
More fluid then before. She will trade with
The other as he is left to grow on
His own. But a flower with no light is
Smothered. He is smothered and cannot feel
His regret. There is nothing to be his
Savior, she could have saved him but witches
Kill beautiful things and sight kills all touch.

He will feel alone as any man will
Without his bride beside him. Let the church
Know she has left him at the alter with
His heart running swiftly to follow. She
Runs from him, in the biggest game of child's
Play the world has ever seen. Only this
Is not child's play at all. He was given
A head start. But like sound, love is still blind.
Love gave him selflessness and she shook him
Dry of his senses. Maybe a man will
Grow without senses but one wishes that
Is false. He was head over heels, and her heels now
Stick from his head. He is heartbroken, he
Is mind broken and without the sense to
Heal how can he? Love will blind us. Love will
Devour all we have. He left himself at
Her feet and she shoved him into the oven
As he began to crisp she sprinkled spice.
Only a man condemned will learn to love.

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