Civil War

January 23, 2010
By Smileyface BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
Smileyface BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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Civil War

Of Abraham Lincoln have you heard?
Who did everything right in deed and word
With war the black men he freed.
Any order given everyone would heed.
And every kid
knew what he did.
Lincoln vowed the war he would not start,
even though he didn’t want the South to part.
Eventually they had a war,
Though he hadn’t wanted it to go that far.
It was a deadly, dangerous, terrible fight
The only time it stopped was to sleep at night
The war went on for four long years
So many deaths caused so many tears
Then the South ran into trouble
Had no supplies and scavenged through rubble
The repeated gunshots were annoying and loud.
And the battlefield was a huge dust cloud
Then the south got weaker and weaker
They fought barefoot without any sneakers
They shouted and screamed and yelled a lot
All this they did while they battled and fought
At Gettysburg many people were laid to rest
So many that Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address
The war should be ended so the world would know
that the United States was ready to grow.
The southern leaders were very desperate
Soon the North and the South wouldn’t be separate
The North decided to wage total war
The South wouldn’t recover for a while by far
The war was lost thought General Lee
It was obvious to anyone who could see
When the South surrendered there were joyful shouts
While the Southern leaders slouched and grouched
Then John Wilkes Booth entered the private box
And shot Lincoln like a sneaky fox.
While the southern leader was as happy as a clown,
The nation felt really down.
It came at a price to some
But the end of the war had finally come

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