January 23, 2010
If a window could display
Everything you truly wanted
Would the truth reveal itself
and Would it leave you haunted

Would a girl appear from mist
or money, gems and jewels
Would a castle rise from sand
with A thousand men your tools

And if you watched the mist
for hours and hours on end
If your eyes bulged at the glass
like your very life did depend

And for all your time and trouble
When your eyes relaxed and sank
What do you then do
When the window looked back blank

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beccasara12 said...
Feb. 28, 2010 at 2:33 pm
WOOOWWW! so touching I felt that go straight to my heart...I can completely relate to this poem.... ive been there when you feel that if you just sit and wait things will just come out to you... but when you find nothing working... life does eventually get hard, nd you get tired of waiting... but youve got a real talent... DONT GIVE UP!!!
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