Peace and Rest

January 23, 2010
By Steph1306 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Steph1306 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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A grizzly old man
With big glasses and a cane,
Snoring rather loudly,
To drive me insane.

A little blonde girl,
Curls, frills, and all,
Will not stop yammering
How I wish she’d just fall.

A couple on their honeymoon,
Ughhhhh…. I’m sickened.
I need to be changed shortly
So I will be clean once again.

Then two teenage boys,
They’re even worse.
Music blasting and food rolling,
I think I am cursed.

An overweight woman
And her enormous dog,
They’ll be the death of me,
Squeezed down and disappearing into fog.

The people keep coming
And I can do nothing but see
How they take everything for granted
Caring nothing for me.

How I wish they’d all stop;
Stop being such pests
But no, they keep going
And I never get peace and rest.

Oh, the life of a hotel bed,
It is not very easy,
Let’s see you deal with all those people,
I know you’d end up queasy.

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