My Caffeinated Prison

January 13, 2010
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Locked in my caffeinated prison
Strung between coffee and the whereabouts,
Visions of a perforated prism
Pierce my constricted heart at the surmount.

Entertaining the flotation of elegance,
Observing your drifting manners of might
A surreal magnitude of nonsense
Is hoping you comprehend my sight.

Desiring that you understand my ignorance
Requesting that I should be thought of
And in that world of immeasurable excellence
We navigate in an emotion thought of.

When I, sat here, and you minutely distant
Together in thought, though at separation
We know not of our purely consistent
Need for a glance to record creation.

As I imagine how you exist among here,
Questioning an absurd fluctuation,
I am taken aback by the severe
Growth of an unequivocal insinuation.

Why do we risk the placement of our eyes?
My caffeinated prism constricts,
I am exposed, captured by the ties
Of the severity of possible pre-dicts.

Mal-exploration, brave ventures,
The jovial existence of us quantifies
The constellation of no had cures;
But we solely know of our eyes.

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