Orange Fig Kisses

January 13, 2010
I put on my new lip gloss and blot. And get ready to go to your house. I walk into the front door and stumble up your stairs. I go to the end of the hall and peep in. Your sleeping shirtless and all stretched out, I cover my mouth and laugh out loud. You wake up and rub your eyes, your so flawless, your my guy. I jump on the bed and tackle you, you laugh at me, my love is true. You get up and get dressed, you go to brush your teeth, and once again I check my lips in the mirror. You come back in and my heart leaps with you as you jump onto the bed. My hand to your hand, your shoulder to my head. My heart starts to beat faster and my palms begin to sweat. You lean down to me and finally our lips will meet. I hope you enjoy your Orange Fig lip gloss treat...

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