January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I just realized
Im a freak
A weirdo
A creep

Who gets hooked on someone so fast
Obsessed, constantly thinking
Of something that can't last

But do I care? Nope.
I keep dreaming
I think, I hope
that it will never stop

But all good things must come to an end
I won't be ready for it
I don't want to know whats around the bend.

I want to stay in the right here, right now
I want you to be near
me always

But I need to be real
And realize we can never be
I've got to get away from your appeal

But right this second
Let me stay happy
Let me be a freak
Let me love you
Before I have to be saddened
When reality hits me

The author's comments:
Yeah.. Uhm, I guess I was just being really angry at myself.

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