Groovy Ride

January 13, 2010
By AlexisssNiccoleee BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
AlexisssNiccoleee BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Listen here, I’m here to explain a far out story
‘Bout Paul Revere’s ride one early morning
No man besides me can explain what happened that night
So, listen to this groovy story you will surely be happy and out of sight.

While people drove to a new hip party
They all heard “Yo, the British are comin’!”
But who said that, you might ask
Why, Paul Revere in his Mini Volts Wagon for all to hear

But before this happened Paul asked his friend to wave him a peace sign or glow stick
If the British came near and that is exactly what happened with Paul Revere
His friend flashed his glow stick for all to see
And to let them know, now all are saved and ready to go.

The author's comments:
Just a quick thing I made for my Humanities class awhile ago (:

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