We Are Pride

January 13, 2010
By ley5894 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
ley5894 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
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We are the ones 
who love and accept, 
and you are the ones 
who hate and discriminate 
against us because we don't follow the mold 
cast by your heteronormitive behaviors. 
We are through with waiting 
to hear the bells of equality 
because There are one thousand one hundred thirty eight marital rights that we are denied,
simply because our love wont produce children 
to further inhabit our planet that is struggling with overpopulation.
And we will no longer be silenced 
by your slurs. 
We will make noise! 
because even though calling us names 
doesn't technically qualify as 
a hate crime,
it still makes us wonder: 
Do you enjoy being the gatekeepers 
and forcing us to give loose change at the chapel 
while you have your E-Z Pass. 
and we are tolled?
Because life is a lot like the road 
and we are have taken our driver's test 
far too many times— 
and when we pass, if we pass 
you decide to suspend our license to wed.
Do You get pleasure from the power that comes with being the enforcement 
so you can cuff us with your labels 
born from the suspicion that someone might be—
Oh god, oh no—gay?
Then, I only hope you have enough shackles for 715 million radicals. 
And, I think you need to know 
that in 2008 alone 
there were almost 2,000 reported gay hate crimes—
but that number doesn't count 
the people who have been tormented 
by your words and your hate, 
and that number doesn't count 
the people who were attacked, 
when there was no witness,
and that number doesn't count 
the attacks that happened 
but you were to scared to report it. 
It is time for us to show you 
that we are you. 

We are not just some endangered species 
we estimate our numbers 
to be at the lowest, eleven percent of your fellow man. 
Because we are white 
and we are black 
and, hell, 
we are every other colour in the rainbow. 
Now, I invite you to come with me
as I take a look at the world's history
because we are not the first of our kind
there have been too many groups that
have had to rise above the white rich christian man's hate.
The African slaves- 
taken from their family 
to serve rich people 
so that they didn't have to work 
and if he didn't work 
they'd whip and torture him 
but no, they wouldn't dare kill them 
because he was the rich people's workhorse 
and their lives were only valued in money. 
There's the women of the world  
who are still sometimes viewed by men 
as subservient to men 
because of their second x chromosome 
that came from men 
and because of that 
are oppressed into gender roles 
prescribed by men,
and this isn't just in third world countries,
it is happening here, now, in this country, too. 
Now lets talk about the Jews 
who were put in concentration camps 
by rich white men 
then Shaved, emaciated, and stripped 
and killed for no good reason. 
On all that we look back and say 
what they did was wrong 
and are told to never let that happen again 
because we are all are in control of the worlds future. 
So with that given,
explain to me why 
you still say 
“That's so gay” 
“No homo” 
Is it Because you don't want any one to think 
That you could be in a minority? 
Well, unless you are a rich white christian man 
you have nothing to fear. 

So I am calling on you out on 
the way in which you force the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community to live 
because I know for a fact you wouldn't dare say 
sexist slur 
antisemitic slur 
or a racist slur 
because those people have fought for their rights 
and they have been victorious.
We are fighting our war, too 
and so if I have moved you 
be the change you wish to see in the world,
then take a small step to make this world 
an accepting world—
so a Jill and a Samantha can hold hands in the street, 
so a Jake and a John get married, 
and so the world can live as one and say 
let there be gay. 
And with these thoughts in your mind 
I am going to take this opportunity to tell you a secret 
that is tired of being kept 
out of fear that you may hate me 
because I am in that 11%.
So go wall post it on Facebook, 
or tweet it on Twitter, 
or make it viral on YouTube 
or make it a chain text, 
and as you hide behind your masks 
just keep these words in your mind: 

The author's comments:
This is a slam poem that I wrote for english class.There were like seventeen revisions. It has a message that I really am passonate about and that I think more people really need to hear.

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