Midnight's Hell

January 13, 2010
One o’clock

The birds sing
All is well
The sun is high

Two o’clock

A cool breeze blows
The water flows
Over our toes

Three o’clock

We run and play
Enjoy the day
It will end all too soon

Four o’clock

They start to go
I wave good-bye
I only cry, on the inside

Five o’clock

The sun goes down
The sky goes dark
On our little town

Six o’clock

Now they’re here
My parents near
My face hardens into a frown

Seven o’clock

No dinner tonight
It’s nothing new
Well, maybe it is to you

Eight o’clock

My parents yell
It’s a living hell
I try to go to sleep

Nine o’clock

A slapping sound
The beating down
Why can’t I fall asleep?

Ten o’clock

I’ve given up
There is no luck
I cry and look away

Eleven o’clock

It’s almost here
The hour’s near
I can hear them in the distance

Twelve o’clock

There goes the bell
So again starts my living hell.

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