Confessions of a Broken Heart

January 12, 2010
I still have the picture of you in my wallet
Though I don't know why I kept it
I listen to our song constantly on replay
Though I know it doesn't take the pain away
I try to move on and forget about you and me
But it just hurts more it doesn't do it not really
I look at your cards your notes and even your bear
It doesn't take the pain somehow I don't think you care
It feels like there's glass cutting into my heart
Though I don't think it helps that you fell apart
Why you left I'll never know I don't think I'll understand
I miss your kisses and hugs with you holding my hand
Will you keep your promise and come back when it's over
Or will you just break me apart and just make it hurt further
I cried every night since then and I don't feel any better
Is it right for me to feel like this? Now that we're not together
Do you even want me anymore? Or you just left through the door
I can't think much about it since it's already done
There's no more laughter no more love
You don't know what it's like to have your heart broken
This wasn't my choice it was your decision
I'm just not sure if I'll ever move on from this
I'm stuck on replay missing the feeling of your kiss
I miss the way you looked at me with that warm smile
But then I'm not sure if it's there anymore not in a while
Will I wait for you? I promised I would but that's a long time
Will you wait for me? You promised but you don't know if it's right
You still have the key to my heart but it's rusted and broken in places
I hope that my heart will be free again instead of being just more phases
I look back at it but I noticed that we never finished our list
I can't complete it with anyone else my tears turn to mist
I'm not sure if my heart's strong right now it's brittle and it's weak
But someday you promised you'll come back and it's my heart you seek

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