The Love I Wish he had For Me

January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Oh the love I wish he had for me
Where did it go?
Did it get caught somewhere?
Yup there it is, the love I wish he had for me is in the palms of another girl hands.
Oh how much I wish he knew that I wish for love so like that
But so he doesn’t know
And neither does she
I bet she carries that love with no pride at all
If she knew how many girls wish for that love, will she be proud
Her personality tells me not, she doesn’t deserve that love
Oh the love I wish he had for me
Where did it go?
There it is, sitting in an empty dance studio
If only this studio knew how much I hope for his love
Would it hand it right over?
I think not for his love of dance is to strong
I bet he makes it feel special, oh how I wish to feel that way
For the love of this boy can cause many problems, problems that many do not know about
For every girl deserves to know the bad about her love
To look past the so called perfections the say he has
For no one is perfect, for he cannot make you feel special
Only you can make yourself feel special
So when you look at your love look past his beauty, look past his perfection, for you shall see write through him
See write through to his soul and read him, find everything you may not see on the outside
For us girls only get one chance to do this
Do this before you fall to deep, because a boy can trick you into thinking many things
Once you look through your love, you’ll find the truth…TRUST ME

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