A Tough Friendship

January 22, 2010
By Millifickle GOLD, Madison, Ohio
Millifickle GOLD, Madison, Ohio
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- Oscar Wilde -

Riding with him and a buddy
Listening to some metal
I could feel the tension rising
While he’s pushing down the pedal

Rolling up to a stop sign
No cop no stop I say
Our buddy looks left to right and smiles
The end of another school day

My thoughts go off in some distant land
As I think to myself of what state I’m in
I’m with my friends what more could there be?
Then I picture her walking up to me

Stay away from him he’s mine she says
But can’t you see that we’re just friends?
I blink once, I blink twice
And I think of what is right

I could feel the tears coming
My heart picked up its pace
I looked straight ahead
And tried to keep a blank face

I think he was looking at me
Wondering if I was okay
Could he see that I was hurt?
Or would he ask another day?

Knowing that he came back
Was the greatest thing of all
When I saw him that first day
I almost ran into the wall

Oh how I remember the days
When he got his pencil to draw
I was jealous at first
Knowing he’s the greatest of them all

Then we all grew up
In some fantasy land
He gave up drawing
And I joined the band

I snap back to reality
My thoughts began to fade
I feel an arm wrapped around me
The memories that we made

He drops off our buddy
Squeals his tires just a little
I hold on to the door
As my hand starts to feel brittle

See you tomorrow he says
Maybe I say
For you never know
What might come another day

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