Passing On

January 21, 2010
By qteero234 BRONZE, Clarkston, Georgia
qteero234 BRONZE, Clarkston, Georgia
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The constant roll of a moving tide
clash, bang, crashing up against the side-
of a rocky shore worn away by the sea.
a figure below, what could it be?
the deep depths too far for a man
The journey is draining hardly anyone can-
make it to the bottom where wonders lie
Get that deep and you would surely die
A gods deep dwelling you’ll surely find
This one for sure is not too kind.
A trident so great is his loyal steed
Cannot get hurt, and never will bleeed
A god is the only
ever to be divine
the water in which he dwells has a sparkling shine.
If ever lost in the vastness of the ocean
Poseidon shall sweep you in one swift motion
Do not fear when surrounded by eternity
You are alone and the only one soon to be-
In the heavens up high most righteously

The author's comments:
This piece was required for an assignment for school.

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