Never the Same

January 21, 2010
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A day of misery not only for me but, also
The people in New York City
Bombs exploding, planes crashing, and people screaming
In despair
But, the air,
It was something about the wind
I felt something terrible was going to begin
Hut Hut!!
I called the play and that’s all I had to say
Running as fast as an outraged car would run into a tree
I told myself I’m going as far as the eye can see
Silly me, thinking those awesome thoughts in my head
Soon flying in mid air
Feeling the sweat run off my face in slow motion
I hit the field without a minute to spare
I suddenly slurred “Are we there?”
Really meaning are we in heaven
But, blessed with another life because I just lost seven
Rushing to the hospital was not how I planned my day
This was going in the worse way
Speeding lightning fast
To the emergency room
Just to hear I’m DOOMED!!
This is pure madness
So you’re telling me I can’t walk again, I’m PARALYZED!!
I feel more than sadness
No you can’t possibly feel this right here
Living life as a worthless man
I finally woke and realized that, I can!
Years pasted
And now I’m 23
You know I no longer feel
Sorry for myself because I just
Step teams and a future lawyer
I accomplished more
Because I took the good things in life
And kept them in store

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