Lost Chance

January 21, 2010
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Listening to music, never will hear it played live
I hear the tearful melody, I know I'll start to cry
Music sweet and sorrowful, its soft sound fills my ears
I know it won't be long until I'm unleashing my tears

You were tormented through life, sad and troubled too
No one can truly understand what you were going through
Burning in the stage's spotlight, drowning in the rain
People tried to sympathize, but none could feel your pain

Although you are my favorite artist, I will never hear
The sound of your voice singing live, full of anger or tears
Taken from the earth too soon, leaving me behind
I know I'll never meet you but you're always on my mind

If I could say a few words to you,
I'm not sure if I could
There are so many questions I'd ask you but I'm not sure I would
Would I make you angry? Would these questions make you upset?
I know it's futile anyway, a chance I'll never get

Your music speaks so deeply to me, it helps me through hard times
I wish you'd stayed here long enough to hear what's on my mind
I'm sorry you were stolen from the world much before your time
But don't worry; I think of you when I play your songs and hear your rhymes

Your music moved a generation, influenced the world
But mostly had an impact on one quiet little girl
If I could tell you your music got me through when I was upset,
I would; unfortunately that's a chance I'll never get

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